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Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
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dimanche 23 juillet 2017

THe Palestinian Authority Mufi is CRAZY: HANG HIM. He IS DISGUSTING.

Ce qu'il dit n'a strictement aucun sens. Le detecteur de metal c'est une question de securité ce n'est ni de l'alcool ni du cochon ni de l'urine ni des excrements ni de la viande de chameau. Donc cela n'annule pas les ablutions. dés lors qu'est ce qui l'autorise à invalider la prière des gens ? Ce type est fou. Il est totalement abherrant que Israel laisse s'exprimer un taré pareil.

the Israeli police's installation of metal detectors at the entrance to the Al-Aqsa mosque compound,

 Israel IS the authority in charge. It is not allowed to muslim to discuss a political security choice. Not forgetting that it's for the benefit of all. This seem to me incendiary propos. 

The PA mufti even stated that "the prayer of anyone entering Al-Aqsa mosque via the metal detectors is null and void."

ASK THIS AS HOLE/ How long is his longest prayer. and tell Him that the prayer of US President
's IMAM (Hicham Fatimi Hassani) is 4 hours long (salat tasbih) 

 Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud 'Abbas: this MUNAFIQ is KNOWN as a BAHA'I not as muslim. He has strictly no right to talk about islam.NORE THE RIGHT TO APPOINT A MUFTI.

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