Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...

Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ... IRREVOCABLE

samedi 15 juillet 2017

SO: Your Highness: G.W.W. II : earl of seoudia and the rest of the world in my adamic vicaria and abrahamic Kingdom ;-))))

In Nome DEI per misericordi dei
Shemma Israel: Adonaï elahenu Adonaï Ehad
BY HACHEM: Baruckh Hachem Tabaraka Allah.
Au nom de D.ieu G.D Le Seigneur clément et misericordieux the WISE Almight.(Al azeez al hakim).
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First i know exactly how the NSA work.
 you see what i do and let anyone under you see what he can.
auberge espagnole on y mange ce qu'on y apportte.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "qul huwa allahu ahad"
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You have a soft who tells you exactly what i have written.
You can open my camera to pay a look at me: no photo of me please slip only. and i masturbate in my turk cabinet not in Langley ;-)
Youy can hear me when i talk tomy blessed   computer(1 yasin and all "the god is one" arabic french and english  i published);-) ))) )
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I don't even need to come to the cyber. morrocan police lost all. requiescit in pace. thy choosed. i send a letter to the king yesterday: it MEANS I TESTIFIED: AQMATU AL HUJJA AL KAAFIYA.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tombe de moulay ali cherif"
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Let's talk about future please and forget the past. in the long time said keynes, we are all dead.
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Now you have not only a Pastor and a Raabi but also your Own IMAM  MUJTAHID KHATIB (You are on your sole responsbility the moufti: i only give dorénavant, legal advices.


I Blessed with YA SIN (1) : the jewish cementery of Tangier
I Blessed with ya sin the christian cementery today.
I blessed wiyh ya sin all amricans dead or alive since americo vespucci  ans vasco de Gamaa. All personne who has his grave in America (land of the proud be blessed) or in America's possession. (i mean, texas for exemple ;-) florida, arkansas nevada, newyor, las VEGAS) Que vivan Eternamente Sonriantes loos ANGELES. Glory Glory Allelouia SIN CITY IS Blessed BY G. W. BUSH ORDER ONE HIS SOLE RESPONSABILITY. (i told you be a good christian: no intercession formuslim hypocrisy. Or I 'll bless thr lucifer devil himself on your sin.  i don't sonrie when i write this. ;-)  eso no era una sonrisa. ;-)

I made shabbat (de facto i never work ;-) i prayed 300 on Aaron  after the muslim Zohr of friday on behalf of you of course.
allahumma salli ala sayyidina Haarun wa salaman wa taslima

I've already gone to the church close home (catholics ON behalf of You Of courseRésultat de recherche d'images pour "churchs  tanger"
Jonas dua : la ilaaha illa anta inni kuntu mina azzaalimiin
I'll pray activly for JIISUS every sunday: at least 300:
allahumma salli alaa sayyidunaa 3iissaa wa aalih wa salaaman wa tasliima
prayer on our prophet Jiisus and his family salutations and submission
i'll worship for you in any christian church i enter. even the mormons if you want to liberate yourself of the tyranny (on behalf of FBI-No-activity-outside-america-what's-this-fucking-absurdity-concerning-muslim-coutries-).

Tout pays qui  au moins une mosquée est un pays musulman de mon point de vue qui doit se soumettre à l'autorité de plus savant que lui. The G.W.ii Bush khattib Imam mujtahid.

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 (i just change the name of the prophet for me it's the same: the prophet said, i don't remember exactly 130 000 + - prophets:25 are quoted in the Coran: In this 25, 5  are the most courageous and patient : Noah, Abraham, Moïche, Jiisus, Mohammad. Uulu al 3azmi mina russuli.

Now i made today after my faste On Behalf of G.W. Bush Of course
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: My first prayer as your IMAM for you your community and for America  to whome you pledge.  and I pledged. Maghrib. Coucher du soleil/rupture du jeüne.
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On behalf of you IRREVOCABLE i will only pray in Mosquees not builded By a Alaoui Monark, or pray at home. My prayers is much more longer that the prayer of any Alaoui Kingdom IMAM. so you're the blessed. Those who aren't whith you lost.

Also: I have no Bay3a notsover for the alouite dynasty. It's finished; They bloqued my internet at home. No Bay3a/  They never called me to the palais to make it in front of the king. It was only perpetuation og my father's bay3a to hassan the II. and ALL IN DEUS GLORIAM. 

un seul être vous manque et tout est depeuplé. Je sais. Requesciat in pace.

I'll pay mes impots (alreadi 500 dollars per year). And i'm a citizen. Un sujet citoyen libéré par l'activité parlementaire et quidemande quela constion marocaine soit adaptée non de la declaration de regicidemais de celle de the land of the free the proud. Sans subtilité sans double langage. je recommande à sa mpajesté de zau moins regarder du côté de the Bill of the rights. pour recevoir le prix nobel de la paix. Grantie de securité. pour lui et son fils.
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S'agissant des seoud: vous en faites 1 mendiant par ville d'arabie saoudite. Et celui qui leur donne de l'argent par definbition prevoit de faire un coup d'état contre la DIGNITY et l'HONNEUR.

I think i'm cklear i have my own NOVLANG to mean what i say and not sayt what i men. An do whatever i want to do freely. That's an american conseil/ Free your democracy you already have problem with any morrocan who doesn't pray lique you. It's enough to kow how much perople love u in this country. I used tou pay like you, now i don't care it's the same. ALTERNATIVEMENT. Selon que je jeûne ou pas. 3.

That's All for your service.

Last and not nlist: Résultat de recherche d'images pour "qul huwa allahu ahad"

i bought bier and drinked eat on sins of whom said (or pretended) that's is allowed).
Sins on the carrefours supermaket and the dynasty of course she allowed the selling of alcohol. I'm talking here principles not politics.
Next time i'll drink vodka or tekilay or gamay or belese and pray 4 rak3at. Sin of cours on the alouite dynasty who allowed it. Nothing to do with my love to my beloved king of morrocco. Just evidences and principles. Arab say: only wemen pray (pleurer) on lost love. innamaa yabki alaa al hubbi anisaa'u. .
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I  offered my service to help the prince. Of course i did enough. Finish. And i tell my inheritor that he can choose any Alouite he find in the street to make a bay3A. or continue my bay3a to the Bush Dynasty (that's the solution I prefer. As long as i am he's teacher and IMAM he will submit whith he's OUMMA NATION. He's 6 yers Old and pray since he was 3 years old. That's a man. Be blessed The Noble Proud and Free (HOR et HORMA 8*) Mohammed Saad al aarabi attouhami, ouazzane, morrocco, africa.  He's the one who teached me: tell them KILL ME.
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I can also go to the casino. but i have no licence for this act. Only Testimony.
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Last but not least

i allow muslim to pray having not only drinked anlcohool, but somked cigats and hashis and opium or anything else whish is not alcohol.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "opium war" ( you can declare of course an opium war against muslim pretending inssanity:

Note also that you can let Turkia and Israel do the dirty job for you (devise de rHODES;) / PRISE EN TENAILLE DU MONDE MUSULMAN;

aL JAZEERA SAID THAT THE COST OF 100 dollars is forty cents. That meen that american are a bench of crapules. There's is not freedom in the countries where al jazira work from. This means it was ordered by the AMIR. Awfull; treachery, Inaccepr=table.  The dollar is made with the SANGRE of proud Americans Soldiers. This is an HUMILIATION; No need to legal advice: showing a tomahawk plus proof testiomony and analyse is enough.

How much should they pay?

97,5% of their budget. You have no frieend in hypocrits muslim countries. (don't forget me of course: this kind of legal advice, you pay to my QUEEN. )

 I smoke i drink and i pray for hours. They don't smoke they don't drink they pray 10 mn douches compris).

I even smoke when i faste. Because it's not food, it's not water.

So you have a very large intercessiion for muslims who wants to make bay3a for you or any ex-american president. Alive of cours. For: REPUBLICANS ONLY. But people are free to even make baya3a to communist party if they want I don't care. Important: muslims lost the war, to live they need a free country bay3a added to theuir local submission. by paying les impots for exemple it's enough to say that someonemade his mortal Bay3a.

(i like obama, not clinton he is a sodomist and a luceferian masturbator).

My spiritual bay3a now it's clear:

Better be a mormon or reborned Baptist than an hypocrit muslim.

AVE Earl of Seoudia (hidjaz and najd untill u find better denomination)


Alea  Jacta Est.

No j'ai franchi le  Rubicon please i don't garanty this idea  AT ALL.

 (supreme court clear and subtile advise: code name BRUTUS/


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DEVISES DES GRANDES MAISONS D4EUROPE ET DE NAVARRE AU SERVICE DE Georges Bush Senor et titres qu'il peut liberalement confirmer à qui de droit qui ilveut par le choix non negociable de la devise 

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