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dimanche 23 juillet 2017

Our society is now lacking religious upbringing/ Veronica Onjoro Mombasa

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In life somebody must have moral values.

There is a saying that the fear of the Lord is the
beginning of wisdom.

Someone at one time or another must follow a religion except few people
who call themselves atheist. May it be Islamic,Christianity,Hindu etc With our digital generation
Z,there are those who do not follow religious teachings. We have children in secondary schools
who have never undergone religious formation and do not do religion as a subject. And in
echoing Mr Wilson Sossion recommençdation,it is imperative to employ chaplains who are also

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mombassa churchs"During the late 80's and 90's, it was odd to have a student proceeding to secondary
school without proper religious formation. It was normal for Christians to attend religious
teachings in churches on Saturday, while Muslims went to madrassa's and Hindu's went to
temples, This is not so nowadays. It is not a must for children to do CRE/IRE/HINDU although it
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mombassa churchs"is a subject which teaches morals values. When students miss this stage they are not formed in
this society and we encounter a troubled society. We end up with a society which does not fear
God. T V 's are now beaming church services and some people prefer such services.
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mombassa churchs"
maybe missing something here. Apart from mathematics being compulsory, religion should also
be made compulsory. Some of the digital children (generation Z ) are not baptist so as to
become Christians. You cannot call yourself a Christian and you are not baptised.

Religion help
to instill moral values. This can tame cases of indiscipline, student unrest and promote value
based learning in schools. Let us calculate religious teachings to our children in schools so that
we save our future generation and Kenya's future.

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