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Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
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dimanche 16 juillet 2017

OK my churchian experience ? Israel Won.

First it was not the first time.
I followed Jiisus a lot of time ijn my life. I talked wiyh a lot of priest. and respect them a lot. i prefer Chartreux. they write really well. great meditations. i think i found only one on internet. really. Not easy to find

I've readen capitalism and protestantism. It really interested me a lot. I used to say that the closer to muslim are protestants not cayholic. Excepted yhe fex i know about nestorians. And there nice idea (Borges like) that jiisus went with child and family to asia, ti avoid jewih for the rest of his great life. This isn't of course the coranic interpretatioN. evangile de barnabé.

eglise des saints des derniers jours: Jiisus in America ? nestorian like, but really intersting. I've readen the book: twice.

temoins de Jehowah: they came to my home at aubervillers (Mr et Mme Bafoil nous l'ont prêté 3 ans electricité à notre charge). rien en d'autres termes. I used to make my own french bread their. And wael Rabadi was a great bricoleur. ;-) christian no ? i think greco - catholic ritual.

Mormons: there is a mormon church at aubervillers. I went there. Thorah : as much wives as you need or can, my be even sisters ? no ? nothing against Israel/jacob swts swts  did it. not allowed in Coran.

Hamish: i saw movies and reportages on them. I like them a lot.

Quakers: kill the turks and eat them; VERY WISE; bUT FORGET ABOUT Eccep tayeb erdogan please: casus belli.

calvinism: i went to suiss twice. very intersted by Calvin.

Lutheriannism: don't really know it, but its asl: fondateur

Jansenist: the cream of the cream: they believe that arabo muslim are hypocrits cause it's written/ la grâce predestinée. Gaelle lacaze's husband (chinees specialist) is jansenist. there still some in france

Rupture de l'édit de Nantes: Trahison/ treachery. It costed to Louis XIV all his sons and daughters i think

Madame de Maintenon and Racine: great story (don't forget: this book)

Prêtres ouvrier: vatican hate them. they want to interced to poor people. Pelerinage de Chartres: 30 km 3 days. Great experience. With a muslim called mohammed who said to all that his name was moussa. ;-))

Jesuites: great school. If you want to be a non hypocrit muslim. but a real christian ass hole. Look to the pope: he enterd a mosquee without letting me know ;-)

i kissed the hand of a frère and a sister (dadyy and mommy) in the church.
fritual in 3 languages french english. really nice and a very beautifull church

Compagnons de l'ordre et du Devoir: i'm one of them. I made my tour du Maroc on behalf of Georges Bush senior. on behalf of my mother.
Compagnons, compagnons je vous aime plus que quiconque (never entered their church)

Orthodox: russian church in paris , near trocadero. really beautifull

I prefer the greco libaneese and orthodox eucharysty: they give real bread ;-) look Georges: they may be richiest than vatican ;-))))

Messe de Minuit: almost every year in paris ;-)))

i've eaten frogs too. like perdrix or fish.

Boudhist temple in Paris: om mani etc. i did it once. i have no compassion for ave krishan: i say morituri te salutant.

Baptist: Georges Bush and the movie. and reportages about how millionaire they become: be blessed all.

Same thing for baptists in brasil.
cause a lot of people came.
I song wityh them. They didn't say any son of himself. and the priest said he was very happy

Moises: i followed the nuées when i was coming back to morrocco. i seen a jewish praying on the morning sun direction i think. . Great man. He gave me a lesson. I prayed Parallely my own muslim prayer. I hade a shuayb-moïses pact with my cousin he didnt fulfill it. That 's why i solded all the muslim to whom buy it (means also trus. t it) sory for them: a bad fish. I throwed away the ocean. never perdon. never forget. prayed with me 3 times in 3 years. with his girls. never perdon never forget. le samedi il mettait une taguia chapeau bleu, et c'était suffisant for his shabbat in his home's father. He's a demons chief. Working as a Saleh for mohammed VI and salafis. he killed people (symbolic) just selling them his products. He used to say when i touch someone's hand i take his money. I'm not a mormon. He won me cause ha had something that i hadn't: i lived with him 3 years (6 childs, 5 girls) i gave him all my money 40 000 euros and as much as i could from my family pochets. just to buy him.  he's out of the game now.  I wanted to sell him to Alaoui to listen to american and russian embassies. he's a listener. they didn't fulfill to them selves.

i learn very quickly. now i'm working on english lenguage.

I love pasaumes and salomon's song. There is a prosternation (may be more than one) : david prosternaton. i always do it: when mon seigneur avait un temple. there is a prosternation in coran, but not for the same reason, but it's equivalent. Allahumma G.D please perdon him what he did: Amen, swts.

i love the thorah. And the gospels. only in state of purity, ablution mandatory for me. i know. You didn't Know ? that's why i'm Daddy Bush servant and not you.;-)))

Anglican: i saw the movie. Really intersting. a  free free king.

Sainte there d'avila, ect. i love.

Saint Jacques de compostelle: i do respect people who do it. I went from My Abdeslam Ibn mashish to ouazzane, on feet. It took me 3 days. almost. 100 km. Saint Jacques de compostelle: i do respect people who do it

i don't care if you are baptist or mormon: my question is : are you christian ?

Sainte Marie swts, La vierge Marie swts, Sainte Dame swts, Bonne Dame swts, Sage wise Dame swts  Belle Dame swts i love her. never think about jiisus without giving all to his mother. He doesn't accept less. swts

It's like tryng to meet Moises swts without going through Aaron swts Door. you're throwed away quickly. before you realise that u met him.

Noaism :  jewish hostages like saoudi kafala. I'll take yhe noaide cousins if u don't oblige them to come to synagogue on shabbat. there's a rabbi who said the same. i agree totally with him.

Boudhism: i've readen some books
Dalaï Lama: he choosed his inheritor like me, or may be me like him. peace full man. I've reden Egyption death book (shit) and tibetan death book (shit too): how can they know ? no one came back.

Taoism: i've read the book. one of my ex-wife couple of friends, is a tao specialist. never talked with me about it.

I bought my bookstore 5 rue de Mirbel 75005 rcs ect., from a french married with a jewish women. Whose employee was psychonalizid ashkenazy. Out. sorry for him. i asked him to enter our association he didnt want. so i eated the entire corps. really a nice guy: Murakami it's him: se reveiller get up with a really and fresh nex deseperance.

I made a compagny to buy the bookstore. not a sarl, i forgot, just to buy Immobilier. and sell it to ur associate easely. and that's what i did i don't regret it was a good idea. And i've written a thesis of Dea for prince naef translator: subject ? Gibraltar ô Gibraltar: how to launder the crown money ;-))) really the swiss are not stupid. Be sure.

So, Georges Do they Trust you or do you have to speak their primary glolossalie ?

i like of course charismatic. great.

read antoine compagnon" the citation". (surmodernité ? )  student, may be sodomite, of Barthes polytechnicien. May be the last. He teached in the sorbone and New york university. I began a thesis with him (and Bessiers, and Daros, and jacqueline henry-levy in picardie University: litterature theory. Bessiere is really difficult. (ed mardaga: Tell yhe litteracy, dire the litteraire: a kind of proust for litterature theory Daros's professor (lives in Nices with his mother. but not a sodomite however effeminé and really elegant. The two used to go to Iran to teach)
I made for him a study of Umberto Eco: theory of Possible worlds: he love it°. i made couscous for him once. he even tried to obtain for me a Bourse scholarship: but french give only to french. égalité fraternité)

i've readen a lot the indian press. and pravda (alternative .ru) ect.

Popol vuh: i steel working on it: there is a bizarre DELUGE in this book. (see l'eglise des saints des derniers jours may be the same thing may be not)

Illiade and Odyssee: guerre de troie Troyes Helene Melenas andromaque Ulysses Achilles ect. May be 3 or 4 times.

Telemaque too.

very intersted on history of america. i think i know some. I may have seem more than a thousands of movies

Criminalist litterature: i've read all my bookstor

Prefered one ? the one from california. Great !! harsh but great and conolly etc.... agatha christie ect... i forget these books really quick, but a good moment.

Science fiction : Telle me Georges: do u prefer the A logic or the non A logic: Asimov ;-) jules vernes (sold a lot of 100 years jules vernes)

oldest translation of Coran i sold Almost 14th century. The turc's coran.
(prophet said to arabs: don't take the Koran to umbelievers. Exactly what the did. Il les a prevenu. )

never sold (however it's allowed) exemplary of Coran.

On behalf of the colonisation i had  no problem whasoever to still books. But i didn't even close my bookstore door. And never said: why someone stealed a book. (aime pour ton frère, Georges, ce que tu aimes pour toi même: love for ur brother G. what u hate for urself. ;-)))

i'm going to the beach, have a nice end of night.

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