Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...

Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ... IRREVOCABLE

dimanche 16 juillet 2017

Of course i am not against an oligarchic khshtriya system. But not without the supreme court ;-)

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I went to the beach today ; wad  lihud tangier. Jewidh river tangier. I swimmed ceawled, brasse, nage papillon, plongé à la manière du film home quasi poission.
I like ma voile a lot. 20 dollars the hour tanger for a catamaran.
Prophet sais wear like me. Dejellabah for ex. Mohammed vi does it a lot. Those who doesn’ wear like the prophet are hypocrites (childs compris). Al most every one in tangier. I won’t stop yhe killing. It’s my Garanty : Damana. This is not a matter of pomitics but principles.
I propose for Georges Bush Prix Nobel of peace (medille field too). He deserves it more than Obama. Who did nothing for great america. As Mr Bush does.
I think u understand : i’m an homme d’etat not a politician. But i don’t want a fight for a kingdom. Donner moi un levier et je soulevrai le monde. King Bush is my levier that i didnt choose. To pacifiate and pacifie this ugly situation that doen’t serve the interest of anyone.

Bush is american. So it’s normal for me to think at the interest of the suprem cout of america. Extend it. There will be a very substantial rush for presidency, at least (media money). The alternatives say that military fema is to kidnap american democracy. I killed this shitty idea with « you too my son » : cesar to brutus his orphan son who was one of those who killed him.
Of course i am not against an oligarchic khshtriya system. But not without the supreme court. Sorry for those who had some esperances. And sorry for the shadow services ;-)
Justify what ?
It’s all clear. America for me is not a babylon but a Roma. And the prophet use to respect the wiseness of romans.

Feed them + american circus football : panem et cicem. Du pain et des jeux

oswald ducrot : when to say is to do ») 

Make them good christian (the wasp decide) good jewish (the wasp decide) good mulims ( the wasp decide)
The american muslims are already mine. I know them, a lot of their facebook groups know me.
Why should i leave them to salafis and wahabi ? i pray more than them, they have to submitted or i automatically declare them hypocrits.

I even garanty obama. I don’t have only one inheritor. I have 3. One has 6years who prays (ex-salafi’s son, i made a new nefesh for the last two). (Not for mohammed saad yet his father is my cusin, i didnt want to take his son from him) One has may be 12 years (le fils de mon voisin en face Zackharie), it seems that he does’nt pray yet. A still not adult munafiq.

I’m on georges bush oath, but my legal advices, revised by the suprem cout , can be a base for reflextio.  Not paying my queen for legal advices is for me a GRAVE like a TOMB SIN. Paying hear free you from moral debt. At least 1 cents. 1 trillion anyway isn’t enough.

 Any muslim noble who prays since 7 years, learn by heart coran, and study the all divine books and on sayyidunanouh-revised-by-the-suprem-court can be a warranty : imam khatib mujtahid.

I don’t say i’m necessary. U kan kill me if u want. ;-) i already gaved u the solution ;-))))) but try to make them levittes. Not government functionnaries. But know also that the  Prophet allows to pay imams. Not those who call the prayer.  The fatwa is on the sole responsability of the king after being revised by representants of all religious monotheist community counsel.

I mean (oswald ducrot : when to say is to do ») : all what says the king is performativ. (pragmatic school )

g.d save texas and and and ect. ;-)))))))) kill him now ;-) he’s not even king but duke of arabia bushisia ;-)))) 

Zohar : i read it and blessed it with one ya sin today. Also for wemen. I think madonna studied it ! kabbala 



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