Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...

Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ... IRREVOCABLE

lundi 24 juillet 2017

no to touch and destroy my things


Ok someone is fucking my computer, the sound system that i use to taeach and learn. I just Cursed him Absolutly and his mother his father his ancestors his sons his daughter his descendant (BE IT AMEN) for the rest of his Eternal burned LIFE.

I allow NSA to Make surveillance, (and activ opertions ;-)  not to touch and destroy my things. Be it clear i don’t need an authorisation from suprêm cour t to  curse america !!!!! I always fuck the chief when i have a problem with soldier.  With due respect sir and My LORDS.  Amen.
I don’t hear very well, so i need the sound hight to study what i say, because i’m talking to the whole world, means INFINITE RESPONABILITY. This is a not a game, don’t play with  me this kind of games please or i can say you already lost. I can become very mean, really mean. Never forget that what i did to muslim allows me to do it with ANYONE who prays less than me or study Bible and Thorah and Qur’a less than me. Is it clear ? shame on you, the son bitch who is fucking my computer’s sound system. Sheme on the sun of Bitch, the sodomite who gave you this order.

Look ass hole who gave this order : DO U THINK I NEED TO Know ur name for you to be cursed ? I always BURN the HOLE chain of responsability. I didn’t do it now because i don’t now you did it, and i say, may be it’s a mistake u did. BUT IT ALREADY Costed u : one man or women, his descendant and ascendant DEFINITIVLY CURSED. I’m not even sorry for him. Sldiers die for their chief even if this chief is HITLER.
Don’t repeat it please : or next time i’ll just ask Allah Shaddad SHADID to curse the HOLE chaine of responsibilyu : my limit for a chain of responsability ? THE HOLE COUNTRY.
 GOD Bless America the Land of the Free. Amen and by G.D will Be it.
Listen to what they done : .......... :  surely gays and sodomits.
I couldn’t hear anything, so asked for Prophet Loth ANGELS testymonny. Better be cursed than me, than have loth’s angels testifyng on you. I hope it’s clear enough. Same for the knesset’s mossad. Rabbi only only need to read the thorah to do best than that stupid ass holes.
I allow rabby and Pastor to intercede pour ce malheureux soldats. La prochaine fois je demanderais la malediction, sur son chef de gouvernement, fut il reine et Toute la chaine de responsabilité à partir du grade de general. I reaaly don’t want to do this, but i already live alone, it won’t change aything for me.  Amen, G.D is Misericordius and Forgiver. Per misericordi Dei, chemma Israel : Allah Adonaï the lord Elohehu Adonaï the Lord Ehad. Rabbi zalamtu nafsii, allahumma ihafad haza al jundiy al miskiin. Amin wa salli allahumma bi fadlika wa juudik ala arrussuli ajma3iin. Amin wa salli ala sayyidina mohammed wa alaa aali sayyidina mohammad, innaka hamiidun majiid.

I’m from the school of David : i like lyric spiritual music.  What i sing, my poems,  are my Psalms for DAVID and his kingdom’s celebration. 
I gave my pass word to secuty services of all the world : BUT as  long as AMERICAN services are in COMMAND. Really conscient about their responsability. I did it in Behalf of the entire american population. Inside or outside america :
MY OATH IS TO THE SUPREM COURT. I’m an army by myself to the suprem court. Don’t make mistakes with the suprem court. I’ll KILL YOU in HISTORY before you say thank you.
I do think sincerely i work sincerely i fight WITH NO MERCY.  Your god have an infinit compassion : I HAVE NO COMAPSSION FOR ANYONE AT ALL. I JUDGE AN FACTS, not on sentiments : pragmatic not sentimental or romantic.
Any way, i reloded the sound, and it’s now a little bit better. So don’t forget that i never say forgive me, at all. I i make a mistake, i say g.D i may have done mistake, forgive me. And for me IT’S ENOUGH ;-))))

I make pizzaras magnticas, des dispositifs pedagogiques magnétiques : Tableaux blancs  metallique (iron/fer) plus des aimants de 1cn de large sur 10 cm de long. Des baguettes donc : j’en fais trois types :
10 cm/ 5 cm/ 2,5 cm.
En combinant ces baguettes on peut former les lettres de n’importe quel’ alphabet du monde. Succés garanti dans les crèches et les petites classes, succés garantis avec les enfants qui ne sont pas encore rentrés à l’école.  Ils fabriquent les mots et les lettres de leurs mains, donc ils n’oublient pas, et quand ils passent au stylo l’apprentissage n’en est que plus facilité.
Je vends aussi avec mes tableaux des lettres magnétiques : il en existe de deux sortes : celles qui sont fournies prêtes à l’emploi, photo qui suit. Ou celle que j’achete dans le marché pour y coller moi même des aimants. (l’éventail de choix est donc plus large)  Photo suivantes. A huge pedagogic market.  But it’s to build a kind of montessory company no to win elections.  I think it could interst Langley to win hearts and minds. U can even do it with hebraic letters if u want ;-)))))or chineese or cyrillic one ;-)) i mean, it’s a modest proposition , a kind of commercial educativ advice ? 9.jpg
Anyway you know the project now. Rabbi, i also use to give it for free to childrens i see in the street. 6 years old and less. It’s my Tsadaka. Scientist tsdaka. So i’m gone a make now one, and give it Tsadaka, on BEHALF OF ALL RABBIs WHO DID SHABBAT. Baruch hachem tabaraka Allah.   . ;-))) swts.
Normally i have a camera in this computer but i don’t know how to use it : i’m gone look to this.
I found it and the video. But i don’t know yet where the images are stocken.  So i’m going now to make a pizaara magnetica gift on behalf of the rabbis to a six years old son or daughter of a humain being.
I also do perfumes for my tsada.  May be i ‘ll put one bottled of my own-made perfume at the entry of the jewish cementery of tangier, whish is  (i don’t understand why) closed on shabbat.
SO u have two SALEH SANI3 Fabricants, in deus gloriam, not one. And i am a great cooker too. Cooking is also Fabricating of course. I made as artists also this kind of maquetts :
See in the video  

China’s map ;-)))

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