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Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
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vendredi 14 juillet 2017

My Queen: when my mother died, almost the instant she died

after she told me with her eyes kill me my son i want to die now,
i told her only your husband mom can do it)

So i thought to an act of eternal charity for her.
Cause HASSANI and Hosseyni are compelled to love ther mother more than their father.
here we are almost 15 years after.


My LORD, I ask redemption for my mother and her parents and ancestors  for my father and his ancestors and parents , please forgive them and clean them from any sin. Amen And I pray on all the prophets, salutation and of course Submission to their commandments.

My Queen i made for you this night in case my cousin think that fighting with my dead paternal grandfather abdallah would be easier than leaving me doing my job. i absolutly don't garanty this idea. that's why i faste 1 day on two.So that they don't now if they'll have their portion of jannah water or not. No BOY Except ALI. NO GIRL except the GREAT FATIMA OR LA Vierge de Fatima if u prefer.

Anyway i have my oath. And i'm a NOBLE OUAZZANI. I REspect at least MY PAROLE MY OATH. I'll go to visit their ancestors my beloved Moulay Ali Cherif to whom i've readen in on month more yassin that the gardians of his tomb readed in their entire life. 7 or 8 per day. i'm beloved their. Even by the authorities who give me 10 dollar but have no time to see me pobre, sale et mal rasé.

Pendant le mois de ramadan ils m'ont nourri, parce qu'il le fallait bien, mais pas un n'a pensé à m'inviter à dormir cherz lui ou à partager chez lui le repas de rupture de jeune. I blessed only the good guys. with 1000 qul huwa allahu ahad. a hosseyni and his 3 sons. a teacher etc. and 1 yassin for every cigaret they paid for me: my believer paradise. J'ai donc passé un mois à dormir sous le porche d'une mosquée 1 ou 2 fois même expulsé par les autorités me disant d'aller dormir à la gare.

Donc ne soyez pas surprise si je suis genereux. i use to say to my compagnion of life and heart, my king:

Be Glorious the throne of ur servant.
Que Glorieux soit le trône de vos serviteurs YOUR HIGHNESS
I'm as u like your Isaac or your Ismael.
You're my Abraham
Qorbane Shumma
I'm ur sacrified
Do what ever u want u like. you need
SERVANT only want to serve they love no one.
WE are really very very pragmatic.
But people want my jewels without the remùembrance of the one

Tell him no jewels for the porcs.
Amen. Recquesiat in pace Mother of 4.
Requesciat in pace Mother of 6.
Requesciat in pace mother of X  I never forgive never perdon never say enough when someone suffers. That's also MY GUARANTY WITH MY LORD. ALLAH THE ONE THE ALMIGHTY THE MISERICODIUS THE COMPATISSANT THE KINK THE LORD OF THE KINGS THE KING OF THE KINGS. THE KING OF ALL. THE KING OF ANY X means shay' means thing.

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