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Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
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dimanche 9 juillet 2017

MY DEAR PRINCE; here i am i 14 years ago, fiercely fighting against Georges BUSH ;-)

les marocains lisez SYSTEMATIQUEMENT LES  qul huwa allahu ahad LES JUIFS repetezz 3 fois mes chemma. C'est le sultan de mon ifrit en vous. Je suis calife adamique. je sais de quoi je parle. les chretiens in nomem dei 3 fois. (mainteanat dites au monde que hicham est allé se promener au bord de la mer à tanger -ghanduri, ey que il prie aussi là bas avant et apres avoir nagé.) 

 sorry, i 1 to  be precise so i'll speak french

Here i am i my prince In 2002. (the time i writted in le monde). i'm a specialist of the "billard à 3 bandes". If i want to hurt someone i beat his friend ;-) that's all me. Now see what i've written. I'm the founder of an alternative journal. (i stopped when i became correspondent of Aujourd'hui le Maroc (they NEVER paid me. they  pay only the bribers i think. ) 

with two teachers with me: from the extrem left.  i needed someone to make the journal itself , to programm the web site. I had only this two guys, i was leftist but monotheist so i made concessions. To be sure that they woulkdn't take my toongue, i asked to write the "who we are: qui sommes nous".  (my text is at the left). i did exactly what we decide together (bab mashura). But i made a little precision that no one of them seen. (i always put in my textes precision for the future, day i would be dead)

For a leftist, ;-), le GRAND soir is the day all the rich go to the guillotine ;-) i choosed the title of this journal. for me as a muslim it's the DAY OF APOCALYPSE ;-) they didn't see it at all. ;-) just to say that i can agree with you (at least it's what u think) but i make my point, at least with one word. In arabic we say IQAMAT HUJJA. i make the point for Allah. and i never lie. i always make iqamat hudja. That's why i say to ur father he ows me 1400 hassanat. I'm not a trahidor. I don't want him to discover this the day he dies.

do you understand young guy. You don't need to lie to make your point just make it, and u won't be ashamed when u come back 14 years letters. 

There is a litterature on internet really paranoied. I readed it all. I translated for ex this guy to french (17 pages). he say he is continuedly hacked by fbi and cia. I really didn't care about Cia and Fbi. i just studied it. i studied there behaviour, there competencies, the limits of their Sultan (leur autorité), ect. And i attacked during years. No fear my young prince, fuck the police and the services, there is a god for those who wants to kill you. Nonobstant northwistanding (?) the fact that free speech in america is not a french illusion, it's reality. we were i was continuously quoted by le monde diplomatique (leftist too, but most of them are university teachers). 

But here is my honesty. 

When i began to work for a private journal auj le ma , i gave my demission. Why: contradictory interests. le grand soir what a militant libertaire anarchist journal.  journal. auj le ma is a capitalistic entreprise. Now this journal has the milk taste of a japaneese cup of tee, but it's not mine so i don't care. 


for exemple: someone ask your money. You say: i don't have (even if u do) and inside yoursel money to give u.  Pure jesuitism. fanckly ;-) 


 in arabic you have the choice between the sunni kitman (hiding) and the chiite taqiya. (no truth for the ennemy only yes my lord you're a great man). in english i don't know. 

here's a good journal for a prince: you'll learn good english and you'll have good teachers for political science. As soon as u begin better it is for you. 

Foreign affairs

i'll teach you how to decode it. these people write for america's interest. You'll learn with me how to find morrocan interests in america interests.

HAYTHUMMA AL MASLAHA TAMMA SHAR3U ALLAH. every where ther is an interest, you have a low of G.D to help you. 

 No need to fight america. JUST study it and Know it. that's what we're gone a do. but i know u are francophone so i help u with some french to make it easier.

Don't forget that america say that not only morroco but germanny, russia china, malaisia are only "the rest of the world." here's my very old blog with this name. At this time i was working on the morrocan festivity of i Think 1000 years of the city of Fes. Just have a look. I'm talking to morrocan who live in america in this blog. the morrocan who live outside the country most of them really love your father. they are really monarchits. The problem is the hypocrits who live in Morrocco.  i lived 15 years in france, i'm one of them. 

you have sir a mosquee Imam from ceuta in ivry close to paris, a mosquee u builded. FROM CEUTA. his a local political actor too. When Dassault need people morrocan to vote for him, he calls him ;-) he do respect u.  u should ask him to make a speech in spanish ;-)

Il y a aussi cet autre article, un peu poetique mais il parle d'Allah en français, donc ça se comprend: "Interrogez toujours le sens littéral des mots avant de les employer. Doutez absolument de tout. Y compris de vous même. Ne vous soumettez à pesonne. et n'oubliez pas: wa maa hiyya illaa asmaa'un "sammaytumuuhaa.

i think i've written more than 10 000  pages, Prince. Don't try to read everything: read "en diagonal" as the french say. i'm still alive it means that what i knew then i still Know it now.  ;-)



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