Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...

Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
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vendredi 14 juillet 2017

Komitas Vardapet: Armenian Divine Liturgy (Iranian gift ur HIGHNESS, don't curse cause of meritory repentance please, i swear you;-)

Visit it in ispahan and see the atrocities of attaturk. before visiting turkia. u need to have arguments if u want them to change opinion on you.

I visited armenian churc. and i also prayed 2 prosternations in the church of 5 mars at la Bastille. anyway i love the messe of minuit. the greco libanese church, not far from the notre dame crapuille, is beautifull. And it's the oldest oldest of paris. i think there not even catholic. but i forgot.  There's a church close to me. I'll there inshaa'allah on sunday, on behalf of u and my prophets. no. Not this it's catholic. I already prayed there. Thre is an anglican church, it's ritual i doen't now. and others i'll see. i'm in duty sir don't thank me.

Komitas Vardapet: Armenian Divine Liturgy 


i finished my packet of winston and today i'm not fasting. I'm much more percutant sir when i 'm fasting. I think you've noticed it. That's why i'm agreed in the jewish community. I didn't try to hide my knowledge of thora an KING David and the importance of salomon's or David's fasting .

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