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Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
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lundi 24 juillet 2017

I SHAVED as all the munafiq's scholars in the whole munafiqo-arabo-muslimo-non-mohammadian-world  ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ceci est un sourire this is not a pipe ;-)  

I’ve drinken 2 coca cannettes today. I prefer it when my belley is full, like coffe. Greats to people of Atlanta. This guy was a great chemistry ( ?) chimiste. En français Apothicaire. Le mot chimie est d’origne arabe : al kimiyaa’i. Coome le zero pointé que je donne aux français qui se reveillent tous les matins pour maudire les immigrés qui travaillent pendant que eux ils dorment, sans compter le reste de la journée. Merci Pasqua.

QUE D'EAU QUE D'EAU: Louis XIV quand il a envahi la hollande ;-))))
Maintenant que tu trépignes dans ton paradis sans immigrés, que dis tu des immigrés ? ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) this is not a pipe/ceci n’est pas une pipe/ ceci n’est pas un sourire ;-)  

MESSAGE TO QUEEN BEATRICE : with due respect to indo-arya-european nobles maison,

 (FOR WEST Point student/ what's the fundamental difference between indian chess and corean GO ?  )

OK, So here is my message to the queen beatrice and its populations of porcs and monkeys : if u don’t help morrocco to solve this stipid and insane and hypocrit internetional abheration called reglementation, you’ll be theonly european people (with Frances tartuffs) that i’ll call MUNAFIQ.  WHY : because i went to amsterdam and i visited the quartier rouge (dutch  pigalle) smoking freely joins 40 days before my mother death. Don »t you think that ur way to offer the hores in petites pieces de verre isn’t a kind of ROMAN PAGAN MARCHé aux esclaves ? just meditate it ma petite beatrice CONSIDERING YOUR INFINITE AND ETERNAL RESPONSABILITY. And don’t forget nor ur husbands nor ur childs the baptis church Sunday. It seems to me that the pope hasn’t the right to sell intercession to merchants since Martin Luther King , no ? Say that i mistooken if you DARE . i took this from one of your old colonies look how sharp it is,, and avoid sleepinds, its a legal advice for the old muntain called HACHEM in north of morrocco. (moulay abdessalam sharif city, à 1 km à peu pres. Il y a même ce qui m’a sembler un mausolée et un marabout (oiseau africain please) au sommet ;-))))))