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Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
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vendredi 21 juillet 2017

I love teaching people.

I love teaching people. It's a life pleasure for me, i do it for free, unless i need money. In this case i ask the money i need. I'm levitte pour faire court et juste. i don't really care about money. i care about having cigarets and hashis, not the money in itself.

Of course you could offer me un pont d'or. I won't say no. But if it's a one shot job, now that i can also do this for free ;-)

I was thinking about going to US. I think it's a decision of the suprem court to take. may be with the president in the advice. For me it's the same. I live here in morrocco with them and they say that i'm a fucking jewish. If i go to US the'll say i did sayyidunanouh.blogspot to earn at the american lotery: Double Bind. So really it"s the same. Having given you freely my obedience means that i live on duty. avoid just for me coutries like emirates dubai etc. they are merchant. i don't discuss with this guyes. I have a sens of honour not only a sens of humour. But it's up to whom has the authority to ask it. i'm a dynastic. I have a certain cense of being on duty. take it for grant (ed)?

There's only  one thing u shouldn'v t ask me: i dont commit suicite attack. I slaughter my enemys in the day light in public and with my azerty knife, my father's beretta , or a prayer to the sky ;-)

Also i was thinking about a thing. I know u all have phones and i don't. I really don't want to talk with anyone. I hate phones. i like to talk face à face not a distance. But i may buy one for the nsa. I know that u make guys a lot of experimentation and that u could need a cobaye for this. When i'll buy it i'll write the number on my computer at home. so u can follow me if it's significative for u.  it's just un coup de main volontaire.but i'm not someone who move a lot. send me a meanningful message if the idea interest u. 

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