Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...

Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ...
Copyright Mme G.W. Bush Jr nacida ... IRREVOCABLE

dimanche 16 juillet 2017

Going to the church today, the service begin at 11.

Going to the church today, the service begin at 11.
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Donc ils ont virussé l’ordinateur pas la correction. Je n’ai pas acces au wifi depuis le café. Je ne sais pas si vous savez ce que vous faites. Je ne previens jamais quand je sens que les inter^ts de mon roi sont lésé et les proces à la cour suprême durent trés longtemps. Ce qui fait que si >Bush s’énerve vous allez prendre la raclée de l’histoire des ameriques depuis la separation du gondwana. En attendant demerdez vous avec BUSH. Majesté Ils payent 10 Millions de dollars par journée de connection perdues. Et 100 OOO ooo de dollars par texte que je n’ai pas pu publier. Et dites leur hicham said : KILL ME if u can.  Dites leur que de toutes façon il n’y a pas de raison que apres avoir gouté à l’argent des seoud vous ne goutiez pas aux reserves du pentagone. Ssi j’ai bien compris cette institution, la seule que je respecte aprés la cour suprême, ne sait même pas combien d’argent elle depense par seconde : un puits perdu où chante une rivière de diamants. AU MINIMUM FOR MY QUEEN.

I went to the churc, tout à l'heure, at 9h, at the end of the boulevard. Close to a batiment which belong to the moine fransicain. An old moine opened the door. 80-90. Luminous. Prophet said never kill them. I kissed his right hand. I showed him thr product i sell to schools for the fransicain. But an other (qui boite et une canne), seems from est europe, came , a young, and said it doen’t interst and told me to give it or show it in the church. I puted it behind le grillage inside the churc. It’s a sadaqa, a charity for any child who is intersted to play with it. I made it on behalf of your wife Sir G.W.W. II. If i had my internet connection, i would have studied the worship and the story of the saint françois d’assis »e (he seems to me like a levitte jeéan baptiste)  before going to the service. You lost sir, not me. Sorry. America’s interest, supreme courts interests can’t always be urs. Be patient.
I’m gone a connect now with my computer from a coffe. With wifi. They are a lot in tangier. But my computer is quite old and heavy. I don’t like to take it outside. I’m going to the beach too and morrocant from errachadia to tangier are ROBBERS. So they may steel this computer. If it happens i’ll buy an other of course. But really sorry for you. Or may be not. You already copied all. Ok no problem anyway.

I won’t make of course muslim prayer in the church. But prayers on Jiisus.
Allahumma salli alaa sayyidina 3iissaa wa aalih wa           salaaman wa taslimaa.
Ô Jehovah (ya huwa ö LUI  Ô THE or THY ( ?) ö  HIM ) may you pray on Jiisus and his family and salutations and submisson.
DURING THE HOLE SERVICE ; I lost in this house my baptist Bible, so i’ll try to ask for a bible.  Just listen and wait (catholic ritual is long and not very funny). Better anglican orthodox  or charismatic,  surly ... the church is close to the alaoui school al amana : « the security garanty ». Some say anglican some say spanish. It’s a spanish church. But the fransicain all speak french not spanish.   It’s a garanty for Mr Bush and a real good matter of meditation for me. I’m not tryng to make him muslim. When he’ll become jewish i’ll still going to churches and mosquee. But avoid noaism. You’ll have no rights ther. Not even allowed (even if it is permitted) to go to the synagogue. (this is like saoudi kafala : cousins. I hate this. At least they shoul be compelled to confirm the shabbat in the synagogue). Very bad way to treat what Coran call « hostages »

I personnaly act like a hostage. A roman hostage, son of king.  I’ve been sent like Moïche to study in french school. !  (Coran surat Qasas, Thorah : exodus ;-) )safar banaï Israel
Ask them to visit the christian cementery just close to the new carrefour and the private french school DETROIT. I blessed all the dead. And i’m going to come back their. I’ll stop blessing muslim cementaries. I even blessed the dog’s cementery close to this one.  I blessed also the tombs of all the prophets for jewish who visit the tomb of Avram and the hypocrit muslims too.

I blessed with yassin (Rabbi can bless with the torah, even one verses only if they want (as much u do better it is), concerning chrisytians no son of the god allowed : it will become a curse. In my earth to the end of the times/ keep your mouth shout concerning the 3v  liars). They say i  think the idea came from st paul, means an other judas. But no proof. If u want to do it with yasin thoraic ablution, baptisùa or muslim ablution. No coran without ablution : you’ll be cursed. I never read Thorah and gospels without ablutions. I’m really respectfull.

I’m gone a read an evangile to bless The King  Bush House. Now. I’ll tell youeach one.  St Michel.
I blessed a lot of things x : shay’
A lot of people and G Bush. W. A lot of time myself once and every time i do it for someone it’s as if i did it for me.
My computer tangier
Christian cementary  tangier
Jewih cementery tangier
Ya sin it self bih fih tangier
My cat  tangier
The dog quoted in the Coran (beginninf sourate al kahf) ephese something i think
Une tortue : exactly : totuga my abdeslam
A donkey moulay abdeslam
A little bird in his awfull and depressive cage
A baton that i use to malaxe my perfume tangier
The sky moulay abdeslam
The earth  moulay abdelam
The sea ocean  tangier
A coquillage of the sea i eaten  tangier
Algues i eaten and made perfume with it : tangier
Des oursins may be tomorrow tangier
Un palmier à moulay ali sharif
Formiga queen moulay abdesalam
The tomb of alls prophets and nabi
The zohar
Nahj al balagha tangier (made or may be soon)
La dame la plus pretigieuse du monde, « fatimah-zahra » Grande epopee Nasser makarem chirazi R.I.I., sans date  tangier
Coranic translation Mohammed Marmaduke Picckthall (if u know arabic u can rewrite it, that’s what the transmlators do since the first translation)


It’s AZAN. I’m gone pray , short prayer, at a Mohammed VI mosquee.
I masturbated at the beginnig of the night . prophet said you’d better fast. I also fast. ;-)

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