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jeudi 20 juillet 2017

Benefits of electronic voting, read the MITT paper

Vice President Pence Leads First Meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity 

Yesterday, Vice President Pence was joined by several elected officials at the first meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which is designed to explore and fix vulnerabilities in the voting process to ensure the integrity of our system.
Benefits of electronic voting i think these are the specialist. There is no rustine which can not be fixed. The elctronic vote is ecologic, quick and fast, And it's a huge market if america leads it in all the countries of the world. American where the first to experimentate it, this market is for them. All the populations of non-democratic coutries need this system to ensure that the matter of state is not between the hands of corrupted governments and lot of times barbarian. 
Think for ex of the saoudian democracy whom we owe al qada and 9/11. wouldn't be a futile reward for the great job done by the pentagone to liberate them from iraki saddamiste, protesction against dangerous iranians, an israeli maelstöm. what can protect the saoudien: The only thing tyhat can preotect people of arabia is democracy and free speeck. We need objective assessories and a real parlement with real elected proud people. So first market the arab world. Weneed to remercier les Etats unis pour l'immense service qu'elle nous a rendu en nous liberant de la menace de al qaeda, daesh, anthrax, atomic research of saddam, same aims the saoudi have we all know it's on the press, even the iranian should be compelled: if they want the us suprem court to garanty that the mollah are not just a bench of salafis dictatorsq ready to prepare new terrorists attak against frree speech US SUPREM COURT WAY. . 

Lecture 17: Introduction to Electronic Voting Electronic Voting: Why? dont forgat that they are ANARCHY. but it's good to have the opposite advice. or you won't know what to ask the Mitt tomake reseaches on. Le Mitt a besoin de gens qui lui disent tousles jours il faut ameliorer cet outil. C'est aussi le bénéfice du free speech non ? 

Should Britain introduce electronic voting?  

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Britain doesn't need electronic vote. It's a pluto craty. Aristochracy doesn't need this kind of liberation for their population. Do you know that in london when u buy part of earth (un morceau de terrain) u only buy it for 99 years: IS THIS ur Idea of capitalism and democracy ? so forget england. they don't deserve a penny of this world wide market. 

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